Hair Expertise 18.03.2016

Living the platinum lifetyle

Why do so many of us love being blonde and platinum?

A lot of women like to be blonde and platinum as it makes them stand out from the crowd and feel more individual.

How can you protect your platinum hair from breakage and damage?

Use the correct conditioner, the PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Intensive Conditioner is great, especially when used as part of the 3 Step Regime. It has targeted protein repair- a specialist technology which directly targets the most damaged part of hair (usually damaged through bleaching). It also contains Keratin Complex to help rebuild hair and protect its structure.

It's also really important to not colour on top of colour as this will really damage your hair.

Is it possible to grow your hair long when you have been bleaching it for years?

Over time you hair will become damaged if you have been colouring it for many years but if you look after it well and use the right products you should be able to grow it.

How do you ensure bright platinum hair doesn’t look dull or brassy?

Don’t overload your hair with products, this can really make hair look and feel dull and heavy. Use the right products, the PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo with its active violet pigment neutralises any orange tones counteracting any brassiness – in one wash. The Touch Of Silver range also contains Optical Brighteners which will ensure your hair never looks dull and that your colour always looks bright.

How can you liven up platinum hair without dying it?

Don’t overload it. Platinum is as bright as hair can be but if you apply to many products it can take away any shine.

How do you know if platinum hair will suit you?

It really does depend on the individual. So many people with so many skin tones are going platinum and it can look really striking. If you have darker skin or more olive skin it can really make the platinum colour pop, but fairer skin tones can also carry the look off and look great. I would recommend speaking directly with your hair dresser to determine whether this is achievable and will work for you.

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