Hair Expertise 07.01.2016

Meet our Brand Ambassador

Meet our PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Brand Ambassador and blonde hair beautifier Larry King. He shares his hair philosophy and what it's like working with his famous blonde clients.

Meet our Brand Ambassador

What is your hair care philosophy?

Less is more. Work with the natural movement in your hair and don’t overload it with too much styling or blow drying. The natural style and texture of your hair suits you best so work with what you’ve got and focus on accentuating your natural hair and not trying to change it too dramatically. At the moment there’s a focus on messy straight hair being a key trend and I love that unkempt look – it’s a lot more wearable and looks effortlessly great.

Where did you get your big break into hair care?

My mum was a hairdresser and so got me into it. She enrolled me into the Toni & Guy salon in Cambridge and it all took off from there. She still tries to tell me what to do now!

What brings you the most pleasure working in the hair care industry?

The people without a doubt. You meet all kinds of people from all walks of life and no two clients are ever the same – I love how individual everyone is! Some of my clients go back 10-15 years so I have built up really solid relationships with them and like to think they really trust me and value my opinion when it comes to their hair – a lot of clients can have really high, sometimes unrealistic expectations, of what you can achieve so it’s nice to know that we have this kind of two way relationship. Also the opportunity to work with a brand like PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver which allows me to offer my expertise in a new way and talk about a range that I really love.

Larry works with many blonde hair care icons including Mollie King, Lindsay Lohan and Katherine Jenkins. What’s your favourite part about working with your celebrity clients?

I treat everybody the same, whether it’s a regular client or a celebrity client. I see my celebrity clients as good friends now and a lot of them go back a long way. If I had to choose something it would be the travelling aspect – getting to go away to amazing cities like LA with your client can be pretty special.

What do your lighter haired clients ask you the most?

All my blonde clients ask me whether their hair looks too brassy, yellow or orange. I always tell them they can maintain the right colour by using the right shampoo at home. My wife is blonde and swears by the PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo – she uses it every time she needs to brighten or tone her hair, which is usually two-three times a week.  I have also been really overwhelmed by the response from my clients once they have tried the range.

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