Hair Expertise 18.03.2016

Q+A: Larry King's Top Three

We put PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Brand Ambassador Larry King to the test asking him your top three need-to-know hair care questions

Q+A: Larry King's Top Three

With over 10 years experience ranging from editorial photoshoots to working with some of Hollywood's most beautiful blondes, Larry King is a man in the know. Whether it's creating the most envy-inducing glossy manes featured in Vogue to consulting clients struggling with a hair crisis, Larry King has without a doubt seen it all.  So who better to answer your hair questions than the man himself.

At PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver we are all about helping you to achieve & maintain your best colour. So we reached out to you to tell us your need-to-know hair related questions. We wittled down your questions to just three and presented these to the man himself...

How is the best way to describe the colour/cut you want to your hairdresser?

Have an in-depth consultation with your hairdresser. Feel comfortable with your hairdresser and build up a relationship with them so that they can understand you and your style. Don’t be intimidated, the more conversation you have with them the better the end result will be.

How many visits to the hair dresser are required to go from brunette to blonde?

It depends on the depth of colour in your hair. Going from dark brown to blonde may take 2-3 visits, but if you are lighter brown it could just take one. You have to take it slowly to protect your hair and your scalp.

What ingredients do I need to look for in my shampoo/conditioner to look after my hair?

For lighter hair types you need a shampoo with violet pigment to ensure the colour remains toned and looks salon fresh. Conditioning ingredients will care for your hair and blonde hair can sometimes need more of these. Also, look for keratin to repair the damage caused by bleaching- I recommend the PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Intensive Keratin Treatment Shots or the Intensive Conditioner, both of which are rich in Keratin.

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