Hair Expertise 18.03.2016

Talking grey hair with Larry King

As we age, our hair needs change- never more so than when we turn grey. Join us as we talk grey hair with our Brand Ambassador and bona-fide silver fox Larry King

Talking grey hair with Larry King

How does your hair change as you go grey? 

When hair goes grey the appearance is duller and it feels courser. Grey hair can become wiry and movement within the hair can become less fluid.

Do you need to use different products when your hair goes grey in keeping with the changes to your hair colour & texture?

Yes definitely. With grey hair you need to use a product that really nourishes and moisturises to put keratin back into the hair. The PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Keratin Shots are a great product for rescuing and repairing hair that can feel rougher and coarser when turning grey.  The concentrated formula strengthens grey hair making it smooth, straight and easy to style.

Should you keep your hair short when you go grey?

No not at all, it you want to keep hair long when it turns grey then embrace it and don’t feel like you have to cut it all off. It can look really striking and styled the right way can make you look cool and edgy.

When did you go grey? What does being grey mean to you?

I went grey quite early at around 24. For me, being grey means embracing your natural colour and making the most of what you’ve got. I’m lucky in that there’s now a massive trend around being grey and even those who aren’t there naturally are dying their hair to appear grey as it’s the ‘in’ thing at the moment. For me being grey isn’t about age, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin.

Who do you think rocks the grey trend best? 

There are a lot of young girls at the moment making the transition from platinum to grey as it’s such a key, on-trend look. For me people like Pia Mia and Rita Ora are very relevant examples of girls rocking this trend best. I also like Lottie Tomlinson (sister of Louie from One Direction) – she always experiments with colour and style and seems to get it right.

Has being grey brought you any life changing experiences that wouldn’t have happened had you been another hair colour?

Being the Touch of Silver Brand Ambassador!

Do you like to challenge the grey stereotypes and how are you doing this?

Yes definitely. Being grey in this day and age is definitely younger and funkier than it’s ever been before. The perception of being grey is a lot cooler and people are experimenting with it a lot more. Young girls and guys are embracing it and really making a statement out of being grey. There’s definitely been a shift in the association of being grey and what that means.

Do you think more people should embrace going grey gracefully?

Of course, particularly men as they often look better grey! Women are lucky in that they have the option to embrace being grey or have great solutions for colouring hair if this is the route they want to go down. Hair colouring for men isn’t quite there yet and can often look really unnatural. 

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