Events 09.12.2015

Tone Up with Touch Of Silver

As the ultimate toning range for hair, PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver invited fans to join us for an all-over toning experience, from hair to toe

Tone Up with Touch Of Silver

Summer in the UK is all about toning and getting ready for those few days a year when we get some sunshine (though seeing the sun in Britain is much like seeing a shining white unicorn!), so what better way to celebrate the season that with an all over toning experience from hair to toe.

 For one week only, PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver offered the beautiful blondes, stunning platinum’s and dazzling whites of London, the chance to experience their own #BrightestHour toning their hair and bodies while also picking up some expert summer hair care tips along the way. Our guests joined us for a series of different toning and strengthening exercise classes around the capital all for free!

We kicked off the week with a refreshing and awakening early morning Barre Core class at a Chelsea studio. Our fabulous blonde instructor Charlotte took our collective of blonde beauties through an empowering and strengthening class which combined ballet movements with core training.

The next day was a chance to get our blonde’s heart rates going via Rebound, a specialist trampoline based work out. Supported with a sound track featuring many of our favourite blonde idols including Britney and Madonna, this high energy class pushed our ladies to achieve ultimate fitness.

On the Wednesday we joined the party at one of London’s trendiest and most sought after work out spots, 1Rebel. With the best sound track in town, intense violet lighting and our videos dominating the larger than life screens this was always going to be a highlight for the week. More like a night out than a work out, our blondes spun and danced their way to a more toned self.

Next it was on to embracing everyone’s favourite blonde icon, Barbie. No we didn’t swan off to her Malibu beach house, we just embraced her svelt shilluette. Our Touch Of Silver guests joined us for a ‘Bend it like Barbie’ toning class at retro-chic London hot-spot FRAME. Stretching and toning key area’s helping to create Barbie’s signature curves.

Our week of Touch Of Silver toning finished up in the sky, over looking the whole of London. Over sixty blondes, platinums and whites joined us for the highest yoga class in the world at The Shard. Our glam group of ladies were taken through their paces at 1000 feet as they tried not to get distracted by the 360 degree views of the enchanting skyline and violet sunrise.

Our invigorated (if not slightly exhausted) guests were treated for their toning efforts with a Touch Of Silver sports bag, water bottle (purple of course) as well as our 3-Step Regime to try post-class to achieve their very best, most evenly-toned colour results.

After a week of intense toning activities, we left London a brighter place knowing that over 100 women were lucky enough to experience their own #BrightestHour. With aching muscles, brighter hair and a bag full of Touch Of Silver goodie, we stretched and toned our way to a better and brighter version of ourselves, and we couldn’t look or feel any better as a result.

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